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Good old Chinese GP. Oh wait, no, I hate the track. In both viewing and virtual racing form. I hope the race is interesting. Doesn’t really matter, the important thing is WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP SUNNNDDAAAYYY

I completely love the 0.44 experimental update. Even though there seem to be no arrows except for the one built into the crafted bow model, getting that ashwood stick and rope together was still a moment I’ve been waiting for since getting the standalone.

The return to day/night cycles is also seems to be an enjoyable thing to return to again, along with the lovely moon and somewhat pretty moments at dawn and dusk. Granted, the zeds seem unbalanced to the point of being insane, but I guess I can at least enjoy watching them hit each other while I die.

Come, everyone. Play the new experimental update on DayZ. Look, you can throw things now. So enjoy being a fresh spawn and throwing your rag. How about enjoying night again and not being a gamma whore? Sure, come on, we’ll do it. All with 100 person servers. Come on folks, get at it.

In all seriousness, the new mouse control feels great. Want to get myself a gun and axe soon to see what they’re like with that.

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