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Status Report - Week of 01 Sept 14


As work progressed on dialing in the remaining critical issues with 0.49 (eg: Body temperature variations, duplication bugs, etc) the programming team has continued iterating upon our centralized loot architecture, as well as the major tasks such as ongoing work on replacing the renderer,…

  • Radio Cassette player

I am actually really excited for the possibilities with this. Dictaphone is my next dream.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve given in to the hype that pretty much every TWD loving gaming friend of mine has always built of the Telltale games, along with my own love of their graphic adventure game for however long they’ve been going.

Anyway, already shat myself a couple of times. Though this was because I had my volume a tiny bit too loud with my new earphones and then SUDDEN LOUD NOISES BREAK MY HEARING FOREVER! That and death because I was too busy using snapchat to keep an eye out for any QTE moments. So, yea, back to this until I sleep!

Now that I’ve actually been able to get back to Bioshock and fully concentrate on it again, I wish more games introduced you to a world as well as they managed with Rapture. That gradual build and the slow growth of the atmosphere being pushed out towards you the further you delve into the world is pretty much unmatched in modern gaming. Many games try it but Irrational/2K Boston really did hit the emotional jackpot with their pacing.

Thanks to the Steam sale, I kinda have another reason to play through the first Bioshock again. Well, not like I ever really NEED a reason to play through Bioshock again, because, well, there’s still very little in gaming that has matched that atmosphere and world built in it. Plus, not so bad experiencing the PC version for a comparison with the several years of playing it on the 360 platform, right?

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